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Kỳ thi guitar quốc tế BANGKOK, Thái Lan

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Trong tuần qua, kỳ thi guitar quốc tế hàng năm đã được tổ chức  tại Bangkok, Thái Lan


guitar festival flyer1.jpg



Ngoài cuộc thi, một số những sự kiện liên quan tới guitar như phần trình diễn của khách mời, master class, giời thiệu sản phẩm về guitar...


10.06.2016 Competition open finalist
Competition list , time and order
04.06.2016   9 June program update
31.05.2016  Eduardo Fernandez, VIP tickets.  Map of the seats . If you would like to have one of those VIP sits and choice which                     one, please contact Aj. Woratep: wrttgs@gmail.com or call at 0818549368.
24.05.2016  Eduardo Fernandez, 9th June 2016, 20.00 Ballroom Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok VIP tickets  at - 2nd-3rd row - 2,000 Bht.,
                   4th-5th row - 1,500 Bht. Booking your VIP seat at tsb.rsvn@sukosolhotels.com or call +662-247-0123 ext.1102-8

11.05.2016  Bangkok Airport Train - direct link from the airport to the Sukosol Hotel (Phayathai Station). 
06.05. 2016 
 Bernard Maillot and Cyril Maillot  (CEO SAVAREZ) confirmed at AIGF 2016
07.04. 2016 AIFG 2016 event on Facebook / all programs - for share, invite your friends and comments
03.04. 2016 AIGF 2016 official poster
02.04. 2016  
Ek-karach Charoennit  to perform at AIGF 2016 his own composition " Oriental Guitar Sonata"
29.03. 2016  Compettion (junior and senior) "best Thai player"  special prize Altamira guitars
15.03. 2016  For all questions about room booking, accommodation and Package B please contact tsb.rsvn@sukosolhotels.com
11.03. 2016  Masterclass Dale Kavanagh 
10. 03. 2016 Program update
08.03. 2016 
TERMS OF ADMISSION - Junior Competition
28.02.2016 Savarez official sponsor AIGF 2016 
05.02. 2016 TERMS OF ADMISSION - Competition open
17.01.  2016 All applications
16.01. 2016 Junior competition 
(born after 08. June 1998)  first prize: Guitar by the luthier  from Korea: 
 Sang Gil Kim 


Asia International Festival [4085257]-page-0.jpg


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On 3/24/2016 at 8:41 AM, -7b5. said:

Trong Photography,  favorite len cua minh la Sigma 30 mm  1.4  ,de chup anh chan dung .

Ngoai ra minh cung co Lens canon 28 - 135 mm , nhung ma hoi nang  vai , khong thich lam  !!!!

Duoi day la len Canon 28-135 mmm dung cho Video


Duoi day la Lens Sigma 30 mmm 1.4









Lens nao la  Len ban thich nhat ? Tai sao ? cho   y kien .


AB thích xài đồ chánh hãng, thí dụ NIKKOR. Dĩ nhiên nó mắc gần gấp đôi..
Ống fix 1:4 chụp rất đẹp nhưng cũng khá mắc.

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