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  1. It would be very helpful to play a song when we have both score and MP3 available. Score is from a book named "Tremolo Techniques" written by "Tran Van Phu", one of the famous Flamenco Artists in Viet Nam in the 1970s. MP3 is from a Vinyl Album named "Spanish Guitar" played by Juan Serrano. I also attach a tutoring section also written by master Phu in the same book by the end of the song to show how to "Rasguado Arpere". Juan Serrano played this song in the rhythm of "Alegrias". I also attach a MP3 of "Alegrias" played by the same artist (Juan Serrano). Both of the songs sound pretty much identical. Regards, Dung Alegrias.mp3 fiesta.mp3 fiesta_en_la_murrala.pdf
  2. Hi hoaison: Most of earlier versions were arranged for more than one guitar whereas they are solo-versions in this album. I like most the 2 Japanese songs because they resembled our Vietnamese music. It also showed Moreno had a very good touch in these songs. Regards, Dung
  3. Hi all: With the help of AZ, I finally could do it and I did give it a test. Here we go again. This is the link: I hope you all enjoy the album Regards, Dung
  4. Thanks AZ. I will try it tonight Regards, Dung
  5. Hi anbinh4u: I am very sorry because I just realized that it didn't work for me either when I tried to click on the link this morning. I am very dumb on this work and this is the first time I did it (Actually, I got help form my daughter to build the whole album&picture so I could upload on youtube. The first time I uploaded, it did not went thru because it would allow only 15 minutes video to get thru (mine is more than 45 minutes). It happened the same on the 2nd time but on the 3rd time I did, it asked me in order to get a long video thru, I had to verify my account and I did. Then, it uploaded successfully and it did work when I open the link from a new IE window. I guess because I was on the same laptop so it automatically logged me in. Like I said, I am very dumb in this work. I will ask for help from my daughter tonight to see if we can get it done. I will notify you as soon as we can make it work. In the meantime, anyone has any ideas how to make this thing work properly? How a good day Dung
  6. Hi: I uploaded a new album of David Moreno artist on youtube titled "David Moreno Y Su Guitarra Flamenca Full Album". Go get it to add more Moreno's music in your collection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUQ5OgG2aTQ&feature=youtu.be Regards, Dung
  7. I am curious that if he could not read music at all, how could he teach students? Besides appearing regularly on a weekly radio show with Antonio Bibriesca, David Moreno also had a guitar class at home and had a lot of sudents there. Sorry that I have to reply in English, I tried to do it in Vietnamese but could not figure out how to use font to write Vietnamese. Regards, Dung
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