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  1. I wish this was happening in my state instead of NY. It would take me over 25 hours of straight driving just to get to NY (1800 miles).
  2. Should we go with Google Authentication for added security?

    1. anbinh4u


      OK, go on PLS..
      Some people would like to read the topic, but they were a little lazy to register..


  3. Working hard? Or hardly working?

  4. Hi quocdung, You can change the settings on the video from "private" to "public" on YouTube by following the steps below: 1. On the top right corner of your Youtube page, click on your icon 2. Once the box open, click on the "Creator Studio" button. 3. Pick the video you want to make change, then click the "Edit" button. 4. On the drop down menu, choose "Public" and click "Save Changes" at the bottom. 5. You are done!
  5. Recently, president Obama came to Vietnam on his last big trip around the southeast Asia. What are your thoughts as someone who was there during his stay? Do you think his visit made a dent in the right direction regarding the relationship between the Vietnamese's government and its people?
  6. Hi AB, Thank you for posting this news. I am sadden and shocked to hear this unexpected news. I love a lot of the songs he wrote. RIP! I will use all of my Vietnamese language skill to write this next sentence: Không biết "đêm nay ai sẽ đưa tôi về" AZ
  7. Đêm qua mơ dáng em đang ôm đàn dìu muôn tiếng tơ. Không gian trầm lắng như âu yếm ru ai trong giấc mơ.

    1. AZ


      Mái tóc nhẹ rung, trăng vờn làn gió. Yêu ai anh nắn cung đàn đầy vơi đôi mắt xa vời.

    2. AZ


      Anh yêu tiếng hát êm như lời nguyền đẹp bao ước mơ. Anh như lầu vắng em như ánh trăng reo muôn ý thơ.

  8. \(\forall x \in X, \quad \exists y \leq \epsilon\)

  9. Chúc mọi ngườihay ăn chóng béo,tiền nhiều như kẹo,tình chặt như keo,dẻo dai như mèo,mịn màng trắng trẻo,sức khỏe như voi
  10. Working on making forum runs faster.

  11. Greetings all, Here's is what I got done so far: Forum core software upgrade - CompletedRebuilding and updating SQL database upgrade - CompletedHere's what coming: IPS Gallery upgrade - No ETAIPS Download upgrade - No ETAIPS Shoutbox upgrade - No ETAI don't have any ETA for the upcoming upgrade because summer will be a busy time for me. Since those are not as essential as the core software, I will work on it as soon as I have the time. AZ
  12. All, In the next few weeks, I will be taking down the forum to perform an update on the core forum software. Please do not be alarm if you see the forum down. This could go as long as July 15. If everything goes according to plan, most of our stuff should still be intact. The only changes will be our looks and feel as the theme for the old forum are no longer compatible with the new forum. This update should make our forum much more secured and provides us with more functions. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any question. AZ
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